Deities of the land. 2019
Soul of Gold. 2019
Merchandise: Key rings and sticker sheets. 2018
"Flower Phoenix", art made with real flowers. 2018
"Käätyohto", 'jewel bear' post card print from my original painting. 2017
"Starbringer" post card print from my original painting. 2016
Inktober 2016 work. Ink with feather pen. 2016
Gold Robin. Watercolor, marker, color pencil, gouache, gold leaves. 2016
Forest Troll. Watercolor, color pencil, gouache, biotite. 2016
Elättikäärme - In history, snakes were kept as a good-luck house spirits. Watercolor, soft pastels, gouache, pencil. 2014
"Gods and Monsters". Mixed media digital. 2014
Käreitär, mother of foxes - Finnish mythology. Watercolors. 2014
Watercolors, color pencils, gouache. 2013
Thunder horse designs. Mixed media. 2013